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USA Pickleball Rules

Keep up to date on the rules of the game. Click on the logo to the right which will take you to a downloadable pdf.  For the True Beginnings of pickleball, go here.

‘How To Play’ Videos

BONUS6 strategies for doubles – very entertaining instruction – highly recommended
1) Professionally made 
Quick overview 1 and Quick overview 2.
2) Top 10 mistakes beginner’s make.
3) Professionally made simple and quick series.
4) Non-professionally made longer/deeper video here and here.
5) Professionally made video of Non-Volley Zone/Kitchen rules here.
​6) Getting to the kitchen wisely, and a shorter version here, and overall court location.
7) USA Pickleball 100 strategies set of videos.
8) Proper technique for effective third shot drop.
9) Improve your return of serve
10) Good video on why and how to dink.
11) Warm up to lower your changes of injury. (text only)

Choosing Your First Paddle

Before investing in a paddle take this quiz by one of the best paddle reviewers around and get 10% off your paddle, or see this thorough guide on Pickleball Central.
Know that not all paddles with the same specs will feel the same. Even two of the identical paddle at different weights will feel different so we suggest coming out to play and try as many member’s paddles as possible before investing in your own. Also know that Pickleball Central and many paddle manufacturers will allow you to try a paddle for up to a month and return it for a refund or exchange toward another paddle. You just pay the shipping. When you know what you want to try use our code below at Pickleball Central for 5% off or go directly to the manufacturer’s website.
Note: As of 2022-2023, many well respected paddle companies with warranties as long as the major brands have started, but they are charging up to half the price for the same technology. Bison and Spartus for standard carbon fiber faced paddles; Ronbus and Bread & Butter for both standard and thermoformed paddles; and Vatic Pro, Six Zero, and Legacy Pro for strictly thermoformed paddles. Discount codes to just about all of these can be found online.


AAPA offers good quality used paddles on our Paddle Exchange page. It is your chance to upgrade to a quality paddle at a reduced priced. Most are paddles used by our players for a short while before moving on to something else.

Rate Yourself

By Tom Senyitko: Many players ask how to rate themselves. As you could guess, I follow the IPTPA guidelines and get right to the big question which involves the hardest shot to master. The “drop shot” from the baseline under duress (during a game) both forehand and backhand.
3.0 level players ….. 2 out of 10
3.5 level players…….4 out of 10
4.0 level players…….6 out of 10
4.5 level players…….8 out of 10
Your opponents are most interested in challenging your backhand skills. So assume the numbers above will be performed accordingly.   Need to know more? See the full list of skills needed for each rating level at IPTPA


Receive 5% off everything you purchase (including used paddles) from When checking out, simply type in your club’s unique discount code in the coupon code box, hit the “apply” button and you’ll see 5% of the bill disappear! Every time you use your club’s discount code, 5% of your purchase goes into the club’s Reward Account. Pickleball Central discount code is generally good on your full order (with rare exceptions) including used and factory second paddles. Use the code CRAAPA in the coupon code area at checkout.
Click image above to go to this site. Then enter your USAPA member number for a huge discount.

Recycle Your Worn
Out Athletic Shoes

Creed Gym in Watkinsville

Local Area
Pickleball Instructors

Available for individual or group instruction

Tom Senyitko
Level 2 Instructor
ITTPA Certified

Ray Akridge
Level 1 Instructor
ITTPA Certified

Robert Demersseman
Instructor – Group and Individual Rates
All Skill Levels in Athens & Oconee

ACC Rules For Private Lessons and Pickleball Events

If you plan on using any of the parks for paid teaching or pickleball events other than open play, please read below and download the three ACC documents.
“As far as private lessons goes, we do not allow non-ACC employees or contractors to teach lessons on our property and charge fees. We only offer private lessons or group lessons with our own staff or contractors. If you have someone interested in becoming an instructional contractor for pickleball with us, please send them my way or they cannot charge on our property for lessons. We have several tennis instructors who contract with us, ranging from $10-$25 per hour depending upon their qualifications and certifications.
For an outside of Leisure Services league, the courts/gym would have to be rented at full cost. Our Revenue & Pricing Policy is currently under review, so I have taken the sections that apply to rentals out from the current one for you; it is attached. League rentals are also required to provide proof of insurance to Leisure Services.” 
Myla Neal, CPRP
Recreation Division Administrator, Athens-Clarke County

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