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Athens Area Pickleball is a group of Pickleball enthusiasts who get together almost daily to play. All adults welcome. It’s supported by AAPA.
Athens Area Pickleball
1220 Nona Drive
Athens, GA 30606

AAPA Board Members

Lilly Garrett :: President
Ian Bassett :: Vice President
Kevin McHugh :: Treasurer/Membership
Tom McEnaney :: Secretary
Andrew Baker
​Vickie Edwards
Janelle McCain
Advisory Committee:
Kris Bakowski
Polly Crumbley
Joan Baird
Owen Bullard
Steve Bryant
Jerry Tolbert
Penny Adams
Pam Benson
USAPA Ambassador At Large:
Jerry Brinegar

With over 500 AAPA players and over 40 local courts available, become a member today!